Friday, January 20, 2012

Favorites Friday - Valentine's

Favorites this week!

1. Valentines Day! Yes, it's several weeks away but everything red & pink is cathing my eye. Hearts and love and sweet vintage Valentine cards have been on my mind this week.

2. DIY headbands and crowns. After making the garland I posted last Friday I took leftover twine, ribbon and silk flowers to create these two headbands. I used them in the session in my previous post and they fit perfectly. It was so easy - I am hooked! Can't wait to try other variations :)

3. Chalk. When is the last time you used chalk?  I've been using chalk to add some colorful backgrounds to my photo sessions. I didn't think I could have so much fun with it! I have more ideas for using it and the kids... well, let's just say there is a ton of chalk graffiti all over my backyard wall.

Looking forward to a great weekend. Happy Friday!


  1. Chalk! so much fun - too bad you couldn't photog Jayla's lemonade stand this past summer - we chalked a glorious summer ad along our street it was eye catching!

  2. That's awesome! A lemonade stand would be so fun, hmmm... really looking forward to summer :)


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