Thursday, August 22, 2013

End of Summer/Back To School Sessions!

School has finally started.. whew! 
One of the first fliers sent home was for 
back to school pictures. Last year, for the first time -
I didn't order them. I don't know why
it took so long to break the habit but I'm done. 
I won't be ordering school pictures ever again. 
It's too expensive for what they offer and you're 
limited to only one pose.. no thanks!  
It shouldn't have taken me so long to quit since
this is what I do for a living. I have tons of 
pics of my kids like this and this

So why is better having your photos done
by a family photographer like the little crown 
instead of a school photographer? 


You aren't limited to one pose
You review ALL the pictures from your session
and pick the ones you like
You can do pictures of your child individually,
with their siblings 
as well as your whole family together.
You can print an unlimited amount of photos
from your disk, for years to come.

Message me on Facebook
or email me at thelittlecrown@rocketmail 
for more information.

*I will be in the Hayden/Winkleman area on 
September 1st - only a couple spots available
message me to book!* 


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Family/Engagement Session - Tempe, Arizona

We shot this session in record time
We were racing against rain clouds and we won
(though we did get drenched on the way out)
I was so happy to do these pics for Steve, Sarah 
and their handsome little guy
Can't wait until their wedding this fall

Thank you Steve & Sarah!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Back To School Nails

I attempted a fun panda bear nail design on Jaiden's nails (originally seen here
I didn't quite hit the mark.
They're a little wonky but still decently cute, don't you think? 
I need better dabbing tools instead of shish kabob skewers  

At the very least she went back to school with interesting nails.
See more cute back to school nail ideas here.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Street Style

Many times I have been out and about and spotted
someone wearing something cute, fun or interesting.
This week I saw too many styles 
I had to stop and ask for a picture.

In the park - sipping on a beer 
with a big ol' gold chain around her neck
red lips and denim shirt around her waist, 
DJ let me take her picture
Lovin' the hair.. wish I was brave enough

While having a beer of my own, Kilt Lifters at Four Peaks
our waitress had cute matte pink nails with one white pinky
Nice ring too

I spent a few hours in the ER with my sis
She had a toothache and a severely swollen face.
I would have a swollen face right now too if I posted her pic
but instead I'll post this one
a girl named Christina was wearing these
cute black leggings
and moccasins with fringe - love!
she was in the ER with a cute guy, maybe her boyfriend 
He needed stitches

Finally, I saw these shoes on a friend of mine
not in the street tho
She posted a pic on Facebook and I stole it
So hot. Perfect for summer.
Thanks 'Desiree

It was fun asking strangers if I could take their pic
though I did resist asking someone who was 
using their long white socks as pockets
and one guy who had a shirt that said
I Love Beaver

Maybe next time

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Make-Up: Before and After

Source: No Way Girl

I don't know about you but I
definitely look better with make-up on. 

I know that natural beauty is a thing to be proud of 
and I admire when someone can glow 
without a touch of make-up. 
But most woman benefit from face primping. 
A wave of the mascara wand, some sparkle to the lips and BAM!
We're a little bit prettier. 
One of my favorite examples of this is 
MaskCara's highlighting and contouring tip which was featured on
I mean, look at what a difference there is in this picture - 
no changes in lighting and no Photoshop here! Wow! 

Learn more about this technique here
I love MaskCara's blog.. tons of great beauty tips!
And although I really like the softer make-up application she does here,
 I also like the dark eyes and red lipstick look
like this one here by 
make-up artist Vadim Andreev. What a transformation!
A darker brow and a red pucker can go a long way.. 
this look is so bombshell!
See other transformations by Vadim Andreev here

But really, you don't need a 
pound of make-up to take your face from blah to beautiful. 
A natural beauty like Jessica Biel already looks amazing 
in her plain face but she elevates that glow of hers
to another level with light rosy cheeks, 
a touch of mascara and a shimmer to her lips.
See more celebrity before and after make-up transformations here.

It's really incredible how much a little bit of make-up 
can do for us. I'm all for accepting and loving who we are 
at our core, 
but I'm also for making ourselves feel our very best 
and working with what we've got. 

I'm off to play with some eyeliner!  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You Might Be a Chola If...

you or or your mom or your tia 
or your prima or your nana dressed like this
Source: Pinterest

you crease your Dickies
Source: Trailer Park Party

You have a pitbull
Source: Pinterest

You wear bandanas and flannels
Source: Tumblr

You have homegirls
and one of you dyes your hair blond

Your favorite font is Old English
Source: Pinterest
You like to go cruising
Source: Pinterest

and you look good doing it...
Source: We Heart It
 Or if you love black eyeliner
or you have a nickname that starts with 'lil'
or if you end conversations by saying


Monday, August 5, 2013

How To Use Tape To Create Designs On Your Nails

Using tape to create designs on your nails is fun and easy. 
Use painter's tape - which is made specifically to 
not stick to paint. It can be found at any hardware store. 
I got the weakest one I could find. 
Be sure and let your base coat dry for 
at least an hour before you apply the tape!

There are many designs you can create! Get more ideas here :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Best Ways To Wear Leggings

I love summer. I really do. 
But my favorite time of the year is fall & winter. Know why? 
The weather in the southwest is ah-mazing. 
It's the season of my favorite holiday, Halloween  
 and style is not limited to tanks and shorts - 
which sometimes is the only way to survive a hot Arizona day. 
You can wear layers and my favorite - boots!
My favorite way to wear boots is with leggings. 
They're lighter than jeans and figure flattering 
(most of the time) 
I hope this trend does not die anytime soon.

Here are 4 ways to wear leggings that are 
sure to be popular this season:

1. Leather leggings. I don't know if we owe this trend to the Kardashians (a la Kanye West) 
but leather seems to be in. 
At times this Jim Morrison-ish style appears to be 
a little heavy, but not in this look pictured top left. 
A breathable faux leather would probably work best.
See this look on adult runaway 

2. Leggings with shorts. I wore this look in 6th grade (with white tights mind you) 
but it still doesn't get old. 
Pair some cute shorts with thin leggings or tights with heels or boots
and you won't go wrong, especially when you add a fitted jacket.
I found this look and others like it on Chictopia

3. Leggings with tall boots - I love this look,
 especially with brown boots 
which adds contrast against black leggings. 
Some women balk at the thought of wearing a shirt 
that does not cover the crotch area (gasp!) 
but you can always wear a cardigan to cover-up 
and soften the look.
This style was found on Lilly's Style Blog

4. Leggings with boots and thick socks. 
This look is perfect for when it starts getting a little cooler out. 
Add height to your shorter boots by wearing longer socks, 
or even layer multi-colored socks for some added color and fun. 
This look was found on Pinterest

Although only black leggings are featured here, 
there are many new styles and patterns coming out. 
No matter what style you prefer,
It's hard to go wrong with leggings!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How To Quit an Addiction

Photo Source: Pinterest
Many of us, at some point or another are addicted to something - 
something that distracts us from the mundane, 
helps us escape from the things that get us down, 
or even just helps us focus or get off our lazy butts. 
This is especially true for creative types. 
Some people even think that we're 
But having a crutch to lean on can become tiresome, 
unhealthy and expensive. If you are like me, 
and you know when too much of something is 
no longer a good thing, then you are a step ahead. 
I've had a few addictions in my life 
but I have been able to overcome them 
with some basic tools and rules. 
Truth be told, I have never stuck a needle in my arm 
or smoked a crack pipe but 
here are some of the addictions 
that I have fought and won:
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