Friday, August 2, 2013

The Best Ways To Wear Leggings

I love summer. I really do. 
But my favorite time of the year is fall & winter. Know why? 
The weather in the southwest is ah-mazing. 
It's the season of my favorite holiday, Halloween  
 and style is not limited to tanks and shorts - 
which sometimes is the only way to survive a hot Arizona day. 
You can wear layers and my favorite - boots!
My favorite way to wear boots is with leggings. 
They're lighter than jeans and figure flattering 
(most of the time) 
I hope this trend does not die anytime soon.

Here are 4 ways to wear leggings that are 
sure to be popular this season:

1. Leather leggings. I don't know if we owe this trend to the Kardashians (a la Kanye West) 
but leather seems to be in. 
At times this Jim Morrison-ish style appears to be 
a little heavy, but not in this look pictured top left. 
A breathable faux leather would probably work best.
See this look on adult runaway 

2. Leggings with shorts. I wore this look in 6th grade (with white tights mind you) 
but it still doesn't get old. 
Pair some cute shorts with thin leggings or tights with heels or boots
and you won't go wrong, especially when you add a fitted jacket.
I found this look and others like it on Chictopia

3. Leggings with tall boots - I love this look,
 especially with brown boots 
which adds contrast against black leggings. 
Some women balk at the thought of wearing a shirt 
that does not cover the crotch area (gasp!) 
but you can always wear a cardigan to cover-up 
and soften the look.
This style was found on Lilly's Style Blog

4. Leggings with boots and thick socks. 
This look is perfect for when it starts getting a little cooler out. 
Add height to your shorter boots by wearing longer socks, 
or even layer multi-colored socks for some added color and fun. 
This look was found on Pinterest

Although only black leggings are featured here, 
there are many new styles and patterns coming out. 
No matter what style you prefer,
It's hard to go wrong with leggings!

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