Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Diary - Goodbye May, Hello June!

School is out and the heat is coming
It's gonna be a long hot summer, but hopefully a fun one!
We're a few weeks away from our vacation
but trying to keep things light and breezy 
despite the rising temps!

My current faves for keeping it cool:

I'm still riding the turquoise train -
it's definitely a trend this summer! 
This color doesn't go overboard,
it's a like a baby turquoise
7.99 at Walgreens 

In love with this Woodwick candle 
It crackles when it burns
and the Willow scent is blissful!
It lasted long and kept the house
feeling cool and welcoming. 
Time for a new one!


If you live in Arizona, you know that if do 
anything outside in the summer it 
should be done before of after the sun is out
but as nice as the comforts of indoor air conditioning are
staying in all day can drive you crazy..
water balloon fights can help
and slip n' slides
and anything else that involves water!
This is what we'll be doing :)

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