Thursday, November 29, 2012

Family Session: Arianni + Mommy & Daddy

I can never get tired of looking at Arianni's sweet little face
which is a good thing because
I watch her at home during the week
She's usually hanging around, watching me edit and occasionally
posing for the camera
(I think she likes it)

With mommy & daddy

At request of mama.. the different faces of Arianni :)

Already standing and jamming out with her little boom box

These teasers are a mix of Arianni's 6 month's pictures and
casual shots taken at home, 
a benefit of trusting me with your baby for extended periods of time. She'll be pro by 1 year old.

Thank you Mitch and Diana!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Senior Session - Bianca

Wow! Isn't she beautiful? 
She's also brave and following her dreams.
After graduation from San Manuel High School
Bianca will be joining the U.S. Navy. 
She's got a bright future ahead! We took a lot of 
pictures to help her remember her Senior year :)
Just a few teasers...
In her gorgeous Homecoming Queen dress.. so pretty!
Thank you, Bianca - 
for coming to Tempe for your pictures.
Wishing you luck, adventure and new beginnings 
as a Navy girl :)  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Senior Session - Ashley

A pretty cheerleader + her sweet boyfriend
It's a bittersweet time for seniors
Many lasts & many firsts
But for some, gorgeous smiles will always be :)
Thank you, Ashley!
For coming all the way to Tempe for your pictures
Wishing you lots of luck after graduation!

(Since our session, Ashley has gotten engaged! We wish her a huge congrats!!) 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Senior Session - Paul

Marcos De Niza High School has some talented kids 
and one in particular is Paul Elvira. 
He plays football for the Padres but 
is committed to U of A after graduation. 
It's an exciting time for him & his family..
this is yet another session I am so very proud 
to have been a part of.
I will be watching him play as a Wildcat :) 

We snuck in some family pics, too :) 

Thank you to the whole Elvira family -
I love that we share connections in Hayden and Tempe :D  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wedding - Alenna & Matt

One thing I didn't expect when deciding to become a photographer
is the perk of having such a blast at a wedding.
Or part 2 of a wedding :)
Alenna & Matt gave their official I Do's in Las Vegas the previous weekend 
 but wanted to have a full reception for family & friends in their hometown, 
which is my hometown too. 
The food, people & music made
for an incredible time.

Here are just a few teasers: 
La Cantina for some quick fun

and off to the reception hall for the traditional wedding musts, like the first dance...

get it, boys
dancing all night long

At one point, after my "shift" was complete
I joined in on the dance floor
the perfect song was playing
and I felt just so very lucky, as a photographer,
to be included on beautiful occasions like this one.

Thank you Alenna & Matt, for allowing me to 
be a part of your day.

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