Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Party

Jaiden and I had so much fun planning and creating things for her Easter party last weekend. 
There is something about cutting and gluing and glitter and all things crafty that makes me feel like a kid again. Here's a few things we put together :)

The kids LOVED the cascarones and couldn't wait to break them. I remember my parents buying these for me at fiestas when I was a kid and was excited to make them. We actually let the kids personalize their own cascarone by adding faces and fuzzy orange and yellow hair to them :)

It was really fun putting everything together - now it's time to take everything down from the backyard.....

and start drumming up ideas for my nephew's party this summer :)


  1. Wonderfully done, i love all the details. I especially love the pom poms and the wall chalking. Looks like the kids had tons of fun!

  2. Thanks, V! The poms poms were fun, I'm probably gonna hang them in Jaiden's room. Trystan helped with the chalk bunnies - we used a stencil I found on MarthaStewart.com :)

  3. Very creative! Too bad we were not able to make it, I would've loved making the cascarones because they also remind me of the fiestas, maybe next time. It looks like Jaiden had a memorable day : )

    Maria Gutierrez

    1. Thanks Maria! My sisters also remember them.. makes me smile to hear that!


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