Monday, April 16, 2012

Vintage Inspirations

I have had four busy weekends, back to back and there's no end in sight. It is photo session weather in AZ (just beautiful lately) I have been one busy bee. I have been thrown off schedule for the last few weeks and though I am eager to get back into a nice routine of editing, sprucing, hiking, and cooking decent dinners for the familia, I am filled to the brim with inspiration and cannot wait to get it all out. 

Several recent sessions have reignited my love for all things vintage. Here is what is currently revving my creative engine:

Vintage, classic, timeless beauty.  I have had the opportunity to work with many gorgeous, uniquely beautiful women lately and I am going to open another chapter of my photography endeavors to suit the fabulous females who want to capture their individual appeal. More to come on that - I'm excited :)

From sweet little boys & girls, to dashing brides and seductive sirens, everyone has an individual style and I am grateful to be working with people who not only love to express their particular sense, but invite me to help capture it on camera.  It is a breath of fresh air (and fun!) when doing something different, especially when there is a dash of vintage appeal - which is just what we've had in the last few sessions - yay! 

This is the main ingredient for my upcoming sessions. 
I have found the cutest vintage ironing board and cannot wait to dress up my little nieces in spring dresses and polka dot aprons so they can help me do laundry :)
Just one of many fun sessions coming up.... 

Stay inspired :)

(all photos were taken by me during an antique shop excursion with wonderful friends at the Pickle Barrel Trading Post in Globe, AZ)

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