Wednesday, April 3, 2013

7 useful tips for photographing children!

Children can be so much fun to photograph
but they can also be the hardest subject!
Here are 7 tips I have learned from 
working with little ones :)

1. Get them involved...

Maybe they have some ideas they'd like to try
They're more apt to smile and show-off
for the camera if they're doing something they

2. Have them bring a favorite toy
or bring a new one!
From books, to bikes, to barbie dolls
kids tend to smile when they 
have toys around :)

3. If they don't want to sit and smile, 
let them run around. Sometimes
the best smiles are caught
in action - but be prepared to 
do some chasing and have camera ready at all times

4. Kids can get fussy in hot or cold weather
Be willing to take shoes off
or wrap them in warm blankets -- these
make for unique shots that help
them feel more comfortable

5. Bring snacks!
Food can do so much - 
especially tantalize a smile!
A hungry kid is a grumpy kid..
light snacks will keep them happy

6. Work with their individual personalities
Some kids are shy, give them time. Some kids
have shorter patience, be prepared to 
get as many shots as possible by shooting
fast, before they decide it's time to call
it a wrap 

7. Have fun
Taking pictures can be stressful
It can take many shots to find one
that you're happy with
But the kind of energy you put into something 
will always directly affect the outcome
of your work
Don't forget to have fun! 

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