Monday, July 8, 2013

5 Dreamy Destinations To Help You Escape From Monday

Enjoy the crisp sea breeze while u 
sip iced tea and read a book
 stopping here and there to admire the view 

Source: Daily Movement

Or perhaps instead a latte in Paris..
the hustle and bustle of the morning crowd
and the fresh sweet scents of 
the bakeries that surround u are 

Source: Pretty Stuff/Tumblr
Maybe u crave a little more adventure
Fill up with a hearty swiss meal 
and trek beyond the village to 
the bottom of the waterfall, 
maybe there's a place to swim

Source: Travel + Leisure
Or if you'd like to escape the kind
of wretched heat we're experiencing 
right now in Arizona, why not go somewhere cool. 
Some where cold
like Iceland

Source: Fine Art America

Then again, you can simply go for 
a walk - find solitude in a quiet, 
mysterious forest in Scotland

Which destination would you choose 
to escape from Monday? 

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