Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shapes From Light

After seeing this neat trick on Pinterest, I wanted to attempt it myself. It took a couple of tries but I did it! 

I followed each of the steps here, first tracing my 50mm 1.8 lens on thick scrapbook paper, then drawing handles that would allow me to attach the paper to the lens with a rubber band. Make sure the handles are long enough, you can always shorten them later.

 You'll need sharp scissors to cut out your preferred shape, and it should be no bigger than a dime. 

I waited for it to get dark out and then turned on the Christmas lights we have hanging on the back porch. I used manual focus and made sure the lights were as out of focus as possible, then snapped away. I think this would have worked even better had I used dark paper and a tripod. I shot in aperture priority with the f-stop 1.8. 

I can't wait for Christmas to come - I will def be having fun taking pics of the tree this year! 

Here is the original link that I saw on Pinterest - Photography: Shaped Bokeh

I hope my photographer friends try this! It was really fun!


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