Monday, September 17, 2012

Do you have a widow's peak?

I noticed something about her in the pictures that I 
hadn't noticed before: 
She has a widow's peak
which is a distinct dip in the hairline in
the middle of her forehead. 
I remember wanting one when I was a teenager. 
I'm not sure why.. probably because I thought
it was cool and unique 
since not everybody has one. 

 But these people do

Top Left: Eddie Munster (with widow's peak obviously enhanced)
Top Right: The fabulous Marilyn Monroe (perhaps she had a little help with hers too)
Bottom Left: makes a plain bun look a little more interesting
on Kourtney Kardashian
Bottom Right: Gwen Stefani's hubby, 
Gavin Rossdale 

Do you have a widow's peak? 

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