Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maternity Session - Mitch & Diana

I had such a fun time doing these photos at the Scottsdale Civic Center. 
I was happy to take these maternity photos for friends Mitch & Diana. Mitch was a little shy at first but they both did a great job. I can't wait wait to meet their little girl :) 

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Boy & His Puppies

 Actually, these little guys aren't for sale. They were all scooped up and had a home soon after they were born.
Of course they couldn't go to their new homes until they were ready, but before then my nephew, Andon, helped take care of them. He bathed up and fed them and played with them, forming a bond that usually hurts when interrupted. And so, my sister asked me to take photos of Andon and his pups before they all went off to their new homes.

She wanted pictures so that Andon would never forget his little buddies.

Andon was not thrilled to see them go. Could you blame him? 

I don't think the pups were very happy to say goodbye to Andon, either. 

Photos last forever though and I'm sure he'll be happy to have these. Despite the sadness, we had a great time watching the pups wrestle with each other, tugging on ears and tails. Lots of giggles and melted hearts. So happy I was able to do this session for my sis :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Family Photo Session - The Bigbeys

This session happened over one of the best weekend trips I have ever had. 
Late night adventures, unexpected dancing, explorations of desert treasures and seeing old friends - including 
the Bigbey family. 

We shot at one of my favorite locations in Winkelman, AZ.  
Little Markie did a wonderful job... actually, all he had to do was be himself :)
Thank you Jeremy, Amanda and Markie :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Field Trip

The field trip started with a collective groan from the classroom boys when the teacher asked them all to tuck in their shirts. Then we left and walked down the stairs like little ducklings, from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor and then to the big yellow buses. Teachers carried packed lunches in old tortilla boxes and pigtails were everywhere (it was also picture day). 

Here are some of my favorite pics.

Hallway art at Jaiden Rae's elementary school:

My awesome group:

Fun stuff!

A long line of kids waited patiently for this exhibit. When looked through, your eye is magnified for all in the room to see on a giant telescope:

Of course, only my nephew Andon would rather have everyone look up his nose: 

Everyone giggled. 

It was a memorable trip :) 

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