Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sabino Canyon Wedding

 I met Alex on a whim during a trip to Tucson for a rodeo & art show. She was wearing a blond wig and red lipstick and stood out among friends, all lingering and laughing in front of the Rialto Theater downtown. We exchanged contact info, became Facebook friends and after seeing the pics from that night, asked me to do her wedding. 

Lucky am I to have been given the opportunity. 

The day was serene. Flowers filled the backyard of her mother's home in Sabino Canyon - a private & quiet spot nestled against the beautiful Arizona desert. 

An antique typewriter & vintage Seychelles were among many classic, fun touches that made the ceremony unique & fun - just like Alex & Jacob. 


and ready


to see him. 

He was anxious to see her too.  And after all the pretty details...  

and blue skies up above..

He saw her. 

And she smiled. 

and here we go

   tied together.... 

they do.

Mr. & Mrs. Crowder

Little surprises 

and the first dance

Later, a trip downtown to celebrate

At the end of our night, a passerby snapped a polaroid of Alex & Jacob while I was taking their picture. It was the perfect, spontaneous & unexpected memento. 

I have many more pictures to deliver to the bride & groom from their special day and I have a heart filled with gratitude that a chance meeting allowed me to be part of it. 

Special thanks to Veronica Padilla for being my accomplice. 

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