Saturday, June 29, 2013

4th of July Nails

The finishing touch to any look
is well-manicured nails
especially if u use your hands a lot for things like 
shaking hands
exchanging money
holding things with your hands when 
taking pics for your Instagram account
or holding a camera in someone's face
for over an hour

Anyway, I recently stopped going to the nail salon
to get my hands done. Acrylic and lacquer
have been part of my routine for more than 10 years. 
Do u know how much money that is?!
Then I realized about 7 weeks ago that I can 
do my nails myself. I used to have a bad 
nail-biting habit, but suddenly noticed
I don't have that habit anymore!!!
I love that my nails are long and strong and mine!
No more acrylic!
This is kind of thrilling because now I don't
have to rely on the colors that the nail salon carries
and whatever color I DO choose will become
part of a personal inventory that I can use again and again

 Do-it-myself nails has become my newest obsession

Exhibit A: 
I did my own 4th of July nails! 
I never got patriotic with my hands at the salon
so I'm not sure why I'm doing this now - 
I might be high off of nail polish!

Here's my first attempt as well as
a few other good Independence Day designs
from around the web

1. My 1st attempt doing stripes using this technique
It worked okay but the tape started peeling a little

2. My 2nd attempt went much better 
using this technique - so much easier and fun doing it this way!

3. No stripes here but super easy design from Fab Fatale

4. Another really easy design from Gotham Polish
Lots of easy options for beginners like me!

5. A more complicated design but so fun!
See more from Nailside

6. For longer nails - red white and blue striped tips!
I found this style here

7. Stars and stripes
using a stamping technique that I have not yet tried
but perhaps I will soon!
See the how-to for this design on Daily Something

Happy 4th of July!!!!

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